Atoll Solutions offers a wide range of standard and customisable Tags for all your Spatial and Location Intelligence needs. These devices can be used wherever you need low power sensors, widgets or location identifiers. The term ‘Beacon’ is typically used for low power, broadcasting devices installed at a fixed location, and the term ‘Tracker’ is used when they are installed or carried by a moving entity. The term ‘Tag’ is used here as the more generic identifier encompassing both scenarios.

We offer three families of tags based on the supported technologies


BLE tags for coarse spatial interactions


BLE + UWB tags for fine spatial interactions


BLE/UWB Cellular tags for connected spatial interactions

These tags can be used for any of the following applications, each in various form factors:

Location Tag

Standard BLE broadcasting with iBeacon or Eddystone format

Stationary: way-finding, tour-guide.
Moving: asset-tracking e.g. with Cisco Meraki

Sensor Tag

Custom broadcasting or connectable BLE

Stationary: environment-monitoring.
Moving: motion-sensing.

Widget Tag

Connectable BLE tags with button / buzzer

Stationary: door-access.
Moving: item-finding.

Configuration App

The Atoll BLE Controller (ABC) app helps you manage your BLE Tags and Beacons from Atoll Solutions.

  • Scan for nearby BLE Tags and Beacons
  • Update device configuration
  • Update device firmware
  • Interact with device services