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We are making location intelligence precise and ubiquitous with our scalable end-to-end IoT platform. Learn more to see how it can help you implement your Digital Transformation.

Location Intelligence

Integrate Location Intelligence into your business with our configurable 4-tier IoT platform. 

  • Cloud:  Device management and API driven intelligence
  • Edge: Sensor fusion and machine learning for reliable, low-latency operation. 
  • Infrastructure: Flexible locators with scalable precision
  • Tags: Sensors and beacons for all that you want to track
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Spatial Intelligence

Add Spatial Intelligence to your products with our customisable tags.

  • Tags: BLE and UWB based sensors and beacons
  • Apps: Android/iOS SDK and app
  • Expertise: Solution support

Our Products

Atoll Kinesis is a powerful location-as-a-service platform. Our goal is to simplify your IoT deployment into an API integration. We offer BLE and UWB tags that improve the safety and security of your people, assets and infrastructure.

Business Verticals

Industry 4.0

Logistics Automation, Time-in/Time-out,
Worker Safety, Asset Tracking


Workflow Automation, Visitor Tracking,
Asset Utilisation and Tracking


Game Analysis, Fan Engagement,
Player Tracking

Smart Building

Space Utilisation, Visitor Tracking,
Access Control

Retail & Hospitality

Customer Analytics, Inventory Management,
Order Fulfilment, Access Control

Safety & Security

Smart Access, Smart Proximity,
Construction Site Monitoring



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