Atoll's MODBUS-RTU Gateway Starter kit Article On LinkedIn

Atoll Solutions is an Industrial IOT company focussed on EDGE gateways and wireless sensor nodes. Atoll has been selling customized EDGE gateways in Indian markets for some time now. Initially, we customised our gateway to support interfacing of multiple assets and sensors and pushing data to different cloud servers. During these efforts, we realized that a majority of our customers needed interfacing of MODBUS-RTU based assets. This realization prompted us to release a reliable, affordable and completely configurable MODBUS-RTU gateway (Gateway) and starter kit.....Read More

A Board For Creating Your IoT Product Faster

Building your own IoT device is not as simple as it looks. The first hurdle is in putting the hardware together. Then comes the process of faithfully transmitting messages over the distance you need the signal to travel. Let us not forget the time it takes to develop your solution and the cost for it. This innovation story introduces an evaluation board that helps you get your idea into a finished product quicker, and also lets you create an open access mesh network to send your data reliably up to 2km. The board in question is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ANT based board by Atoll Solutions Pvt Ltd....Read More