Develop a Product

We offer a range of standard and customisable wireless modules and embedded modems that are the ideal building blocks for your product development.

With these and other industry leading IoT components, Atoll helps customers realise their products. Atoll’s technical capability and end to end product development experience  assures optimised design and shorter time to market for customers. 

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NB-IoT/Cat-M Modem

Atoll Solutions ATC-U series modems are most compact, production-ready NB-IoT/CAT-M1 modems targeted at IoT market. This modem uses U-blox SARA cellular modules.

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4G Modem

Atoll's SIM7600 series embedded modem is targeted at customers looking at directly interfacing LTE-CAT1 or CAT4 modules with GNSS through USB or UART.

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Atoll’s Telit GL865 based GPRS modems are optimum, ready to use solution for customers building Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.

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BLE Starter Kit


AT1020 is a low power Bluetooth Low Energy Radio v4.2 specification compliant (Upgradable to 5.0) module and based on Qualcomm CSR1020 Bluetooth Low Energy SoC.

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BLE 5.0 Starter Kit MDBT50Q

The MDBT50Q is a BT 5.0 stack (Bluetooth low energy or BLE) module designed based on Nordic nRF52840 SoC solution. Atoll also supports Wirepas Mesh solutions using this module. 

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BlueBee for MDBT42Q

The MDBT42Q is a BT 4.2 stack (Bluetooth low energy or BLE) module designed based on Nordic nRF52832 SoC solution. Atoll also supports Wirepas Mesh solutions using this module.


WiFi Starter Kit


Atoll’s AS4004-A is a Wi-Fi module based on the QCA4004 SoC solution. This module is for customers looking to build products with UART serial
passthrough features.

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Wirepas Mesh
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Sub-GHz Mesh

Atoll ATW-xxx series Sub-GHz modules operate in the license-free Sub-GHz band for specific countries/regions and come with Wirepas Mesh. This module is ideal for Smart City applications like metering, lighting etc.



The AT-NCST-30 module is based on SkyTraq S1216F8 supporting NAVIC, GAGAN and GNSS receiver, with embedded Antenna supporting both L5 for NavIC and L1 for other receivers.