Atoll Kinesis - Location Tracking and Usage Pattern

Atoll Kinesis is a comprehensive solution that allows customers to locate, measure usage pattern and collect data on production process in their own or sub-assembly factories. What makes it unique is that it provides live status of asset location and movement.It is highly scalable solution with 1,000+ tools/die monitoring in a single network.Atoll Kinesis is complete wireless solution that's easy to install, commission and maintain. Automated operation's with zero operator involvement.Integrated sensors and comprehensive algorithms based data processing for recording tool/die usage pattern.Real time data logging and analytics at cloud.

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System Overview

Track/Sensor Nodes: Compact leaf nodes installed on each Tool/Die. Integrated movement sensors with comprehensive algorithms to detect tool location and usage count.

Anchor Nodes: RF MESH nodes at fixed locations throughout the facility. These nodes act as anchor nodes for a set of leaf nodes providing location tracking facility.

Gateway: Data aggregator/router with Wireless RF MESH for local networking and Ethernet, WLAN or Cellular for cloud uplink

Cloud Database & Web UI: Hosting platform for visualization and analytics


Atoll Kinesis Gateway

  • Aggregator/Gateway for Sensor Nodes
  • Direct uplink to Internet/Cloud
  • Wireless RF MESH Sync/Head for Downlink
  • Ethernet, WLAN and/or Cellular for Uplink
  • Edge Intelligence for quick decisions
  • Data logging option to surmount network/connection failure
  • Intelligent node operation and management
  • Unicast and broadcast mode of operation


Atoll Kinesis Sensor Node

  • Attached to each Tool/Die that is to be monitored
  • Compact nodes with Wireless RF MESH Interface
  • Sensors and algorithm based data processing for measuring usage pattern
  • Low power battery operated devices
  • Infinitely scalable, 1,000+ nodes in a single network with unique auto routing
  •  Zonal location intelligence based on Mesh topology
  • Maintenance free, rugged design – dust and spill proof
  • Easy to install and maintain – fully wireless units


Cloud Visualization

  • Cloud database storing time stamped data from sensor nodes.
  • Map of factory/facility where each tool/die being tracked is identified in real time.
  • User interface with usage pattern and life of each Tool/Die.
  • User interface to register Tools/Dies in to system.
  • Additional Sensor information storage and visualization.
  • Facility to track and locate in real time.
  • Facility to monitor production process and progress in real time.