Atoll Kinesis

An end-to-end location as a service platform

Kinesis Highlights

  • Ultra Wide-band for precise and secure location

  • Sensor Fusion to augment location data 

  • AI/ML for edge intelligence and  predictive insights 

  • Ubiquitous – works indoor, in-campus and in-transit

Why customers choose Kinesis ...

Increased Profitability

Location Intelligence to see, plan and optimise your business

Improved Efficiency

Track and and monitor everything and everyone to improve processes

Safer Environment

Locate people and assets precisely and in real time

Scales across use cases

Spatial Intelligence
Ranging and Sensing

Localized, relative range detection e.g. for collision avoidance

Location Intelligence
Location Tracking and Sensing

Centralized, absolute location tracking e.g. for asset monitoring

Customisable and end-to-end ioT platform

Cloud Layer

Secure and scalable, containerised services for device and data management. APIs for location, sensors and AI based insights.

Edge Layer

Secure and intelligent edge for data privacy and aggregation. Scales across custom gateway, add-on module or as software install. Designed for high reliability and functional safety applications.

Infrastructure Layer

Precision and proximity anchors that serve as locators. Available as standalone hardware or as add-on module for existing infrastructure.

Sensor Layer

Customisable BLE/UWB sensors with multiple attach options (e.g. tag with lanyard, tile with sticker).

Kinesis Architecture


What our customers have to say

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