Remote Management

Atoll Solutions Cellular(GSM/GPRS/3G) Remote Monitor and Control (RMC) platform enables customers to monitor and control various assets. These devices can be used for monitoring and control of equipment like streetlight, motors, generators, compressors etc. It's small, rugged and lightweight aluminum design makes it easy to install and use in multitude of applications. Numerous I/O’s offered allows customers option of monitoring and control of a range of external hardware units like, RFID, meters, sensors, solenoids, relays etc. Messages are transported across the cellular network using GPRS/3G messaging providing a reliable communications link between the device and customers application servers. Atoll Solutions also provides unique Firmware upgrade Over the Air (FOTA) and Configuration over the Air (COTA) features. Atoll Solutions RMC platforms are designed to dramatically reduce cost of ownership while providing excellent field reliability.


Atoll AR-501RM Modbus RTU Gateway



  • Wide operating voltage of 9-30V with protection.
  • Rechargeable Internal battery backup (option for 650 and 1100 mAH) 
  • Supports upto 6 Modbus RTU devices. 
  • Configurable with ATOLLCONFIX
  • Configurable 4 Digital inputs, 4 Digital Outputs and 4 Analog inputs

  • Configurable server end points (IP Address,port,URL) 
  • Supports cloud communication protocols (TCP,HTTP and HTTPS) 
  •  Superior cellular performance with external Antennas 
  •  Configurable FLASH memory capacity to support message logging. 
  • Internal battery backup. 
  • Unique Firmware update Over-The-Air (FOTA) and Configuration Over-The-Air (COTA) features. 
  • An RS485 interface is provided to integrate Modbus peripherals and An RS232 Interface for Configuring parameters using ATOLLCONFIX
  • Dimensions - 67mm x 92mm x 28mm 
  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure. 
  • Operating Temperature - 0 to 700 C 
  • Operational Relative Humidity - 10% - 90%


Atoll Modbus RTU Gateway Starter Kit

Atoll's MODBUS-RTU starter kit has the following distinct components:

  1. Atoll Modbus Gateway (ARxxx/ATxxx Series)
  2. Atoll Configuration Board
  3. Atoll Confix

Atoll Confix
Atoll Confix is the configuration application developed by Atoll solutions to configure and manage ARxxx and ATxxx series of devices. The ATOLL CONFIX allows customers to configure the ARxxx and ATxxx series Gateways to Cloud/private Servers (Either TCP/IP, HTTP GET, and HTTP POST and HTTPS). This also helps to interface to any external MODBUS devices and input /outputs.

Atoll Configuration board
Atoll Configuration board allows customers to interface and configure Atoll Gateways from their computer. Customer can connect Atoll CONFIX board with their computer with a standard Micro USB cable. This board also provides mechanism for customers to test all features of Gateway before connecting to the assets.

 The following are the configurable features using this 

   Atoll Confix: 

  • Server endpoints like IP address/Host name, Port, URL location. 
  • Data headers 
  •  6 set of different Modbus requests 
  • External UART configurations like Baud rate, parity and stop bit. 
  •  3 Mobile numbers. 
  •  GPS parameters like Latitude, Longitude and Altitude. 
  •  4 Digital input’s, 4 Digital output’s and 4 Analog input’s 
  •  Two 4-20mA Analog Inputs