Sensor Nodes

Atoll Solutions offers a variety of sensor nodes for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Atoll Solutions array of sensors are all created, optimized and fully tested for the target environments. Atoll solutions also has created an array of wired and wireless communication modules like Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Wireless LAN (WLAN), Sub-GHz RF MESH, 2.4 GHz RF MESH, RS-232/RS-485 etc. for use with sensor modules. Customers can avail Atoll Solutions customization services to create specific sensor and control nodes combining the sensors and right communication module to create a product of their choice to meet the exact specification, cost and power (powered or battery operated) targets. A few of the sensor node examples are shown below.


Indoor Tracking Nodes:

  • Attached to each Tool/Die that is to be monitored
  • Compact nodes with Wireless RF MESH Interface
  • Sensors and algorithm based data processing for measuring usage pattern
  • Low power battery operated devices
  • Infinitely scalable, 1,000+ nodes in a single network with unique auto routing
  •  Zonal location intelligence based on Mesh topology
  • Maintenance free, rugged design – dust and spill proof
  • Easy to install and maintain – fully wireless units


Smart Parking Sensors:

Atoll Solution's parking sensors are suitable for both indoor (multi-level car parks) and outdoor applications. Sensors incorporate wireless RF interface requiring very low standby power at the same time offering complete MESH interconnection. Sensors can be operated on batteries allowing hassle free installation (no wires). This also makes the solution suitable for both new and retrofit applications.Atoll Solutions’ parking sensors are suitable for both indoor (MLCPs or multi-level car parks) and outdoor applications. These sensors incorporate a unique wireless RF MESH technology for low power applications allowing long battery life. This also allows installation, both for new and retrofit parking areas without the hassle of digging and wiring.

  • 2.4 GHz RF with MESH Networking
  • Large number of nodes in single network
  • Multiple types: Ground and roof based
  • Replaceable Battery


Smart Light Nodes:

Atoll Solution's offers both light nodes that can be retrofitted (to existing deployment) and nodes that can be integrated inside luminaries. Light nodes incorporate RF interface with unique low latency MESH interconnect for efficient operation. Individual nodes have built in intelligence and can store “time of day” based schedules for standalone operation in case of network failure.Atoll Solutions’ offers light nodes capable of controlling individual indoor or outdoor lights. Light nodes incorporate Wireless RF MESH networking with very low latency of operation for large number of light nodes.Light nodes are available both as a standalone option (with power supply) for retrofit applications and as a module that can be plugged into the luminaries (factory fit option).

  • On/Off & Dimming Control of Individual Light
  • Sub-GHz Wireless RF MESH Networking
  • Low Latency of Operation with large number of nodes
  • Digital PWM & Analog Dimming
  • Time of Day based Scheduling Option
  • Dynamic Real Time Control
  • Tracking of Energy Usage and Up Time
  • Multiple types

o  Standalone product for retrofit marker

                  o Module for Luminaries (factory fit option)

Smart Environment Sensors:

Atoll Solutions’ offers smart sensors for environment monitoring for indoor and home applications. All sensor nodes utilize wireless RF MESH for networking and extremely low power for battery based operation. Unique firmware allows sensors to publish environment data to connected appliances or directly to an IoT gateway with edge intelligence for control and monitoring of devices/appliances.

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Light Sensor (Lux Measurement)
  • Motion Detection
  • IR Blaster & Detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Sub-GHz, 2.4 GHz and BLE versions
  • Small size


Environment Sensors for Outdoor Applications

Atoll Solutions’ offers smart environment sensors for outdoor applications like monitoring pollution levels, presence of hazardous materials besides tracking of traffic and other movements. All sensor nodes utilize wireless RF MESH for networking and extremely low latency operation. Sensors coupled with IoT gateway with edge intelligence allows local processing of the sensor data and effective monitoring and alert mechanism.

  • Pollution level sensors
  • Gas detection
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Light Sensor (Lux Measurement)
  • Motion Sensor
  • Sub-GHz RF MESH


Sensors for Smart City Waste Management:

Atoll Solutions’ offers smart sensors for waste management for smart city applications. Sensor nodes are capable of detecting both the weight and the level of full for individual waste bins. Sensors coupled with Atoll IoT gateway with edge intelligence allows dynamic monitoring and clearance scheduling for the waste.

  • Sub-GHz RF MESH integrating large number of sensors
  • Weight measurement
  • Detection of fill level for individual waste bins
  • Battery operated or powered versions