Solar Park Monitoring

Atoll Solutions offers solutions for energy meter monitoring and solar power generator monitoring applications. Using Atoll Solutions’ Modbus RTU Gateway “AR501RM” users can access any slave device that support MODBUS RTU protocol. Atoll Solutions also provide a unique PC based configuration tool “ATOLL CONFIX” that allows configuration like IP address/host name, port, Modbus requests, time interval etc. After configuration the gateway can read data direclty from the slave device and update the host servers over GSM/GPRS/3G link.


Energy Meter Monitoring

Atoll Solutions’ Modbus RTU Gateway AR501RM can be used for Energy meter monitoring applications, Users can read all the register data from the energy meter using Modbus RTU communication. Users can monitor parameters like Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power factor etc. Users then can make decisions based on the live data as well as historic data available at the server. 


Solar Power Generator Monitoring

Atoll Solutions’ Modbus RTU gateway can be used for solar power generation applications. The edge gateway AR501RM can be connected to the Grid meter which supports Modbus RTU protocol for reading all required information such like Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power Factor, Power generation etc. The data can be saved at the host server and the live and historic data can be used for monitoring power generation on daily, monthly and yearly basis.


Salient Features

  • Support up to 6 MODBUS RTU device
  • Configurable Digital input and Digital output
  • Configurable Server endpoint(IP address, port, URL)
  • Support Cloud communication protocols such as 
  • Superior cellular performance with external antenna
  • Flash memory capacity to log messages
  • Internal battery backup
  • Unique Configuration over the air (COTA)
  • Firmware update over the air feature(FOTA)
  • Configurable with ATOLLCONFIX

Web GUI to analyze the data
PC application to configure server endpoint and Modbus requests