Industry 4.0

With Industry 4.0, we are entering an exciting phase of manufacturing enabled by the internet of things.


Atoll Solutions offers a range of products and solutions that helps customers deploy Operational Technologies that work seamlessly with their IT infrastructure.  This includes our MODBUS Gateway based products, Predictive Analysis solutions as well as our indoor and outdoor tracking solutions 

Smart Home

Smart home solutions are helping bring convenience and security to our lives through our smartphones.


Atoll Solutions works with a number of smart home innovators using various WiFi and BLE based sensors. The sensors are connected through a BLE mesh network and Gateways that enable 24/7 cloud connectivity.  Our customers offerings includes intelligent switches, lights and appliances.

Smart Buildings

Establishments such as hotels, offices and hospitals are all looking to employ connected solutions to improve efficiency and security.


Atoll Solutions is helping customers build solutions using our broad range of connected sensors and mesh offerings.  This includes connectivity solutions for smart metering, building security, as well asset and visitor tracking solutions.

Smart City

Cities get smarter by interconnecting the services they render to their residents.


Atoll Solutions is helping customers deploy numerous smart city solutions, with a range of Mesh and LPWAN technologies. This includes solutions for street lighting, smart metering and smart parking.