Wind Farm Monitoring

Atoll Solutions offers Wind Farms monitoring solution utilizing Modbus RTU Gateway AR501RM. Atoll Solutions’ AR501RM Gateway comes with a serial terminal dedicated for modbus communication. The serial terminal supports either RS232 or RS485 interfaces. The device is suitable for wind farms with grid meters that provide Modbus RTU communication over RS232 or RS485. Atoll Solutions offers a hassle free installation and configuration. Users can install the AR501RM gateway directly to the grid meter serial port and use ATOLL CONFIX, a special bundled software that allow easy configuration for accessing parametrs like voltage, current, frequency, power factor, Energy etc.


Users can access all register data by configuring the Modbus request using the ATOLL CONFIX tool. The tool also allows users to configure other parameters like IP address, port and the access time interval etc. The meter data that is received at the server can be used for predicting the power generation, transmission loss and various other parameters.

Salient Features

  • Support up to 6 MODBUS RTU device
  • Configurable Digital input and Digital output
  • Configurable Server endpoint(IP address, port, URL)
  • Support Cloud communication protocols such as 
  • Superior cellular performance with external antenna
  • Flash memory capacity to log messages
  • Internal battery backup
  • Unique Configuration over the air (COTA)
  • Firmware update over the air feature(FOTA)
  • Configurable with ATOLLCONFIX

PC application to configure server endpointS and Modbus requests
Web GUI to analyze the power generation data